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Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

What is Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is cleaning industrial facilities, such as manufacturing facilities, plants, factories, storage tanks and vessels, and mills. Industrial cleaning services are much more involved and thorough than other cleaning types. They are primarily used for maintenance, compliance, and health and safety.

Industrial cleaning covers everything from spill cleanup (chemicals and oil) to facility shutdowns. Shutdown cleanings are usually scheduled months in advance. 

Industrial cleaning carries many safety hazards, including toxic substances, chemical risks, high-pressure equipment, confined space entry, and more. Since there are more hazardous risks linked to industrial cleaning, cleaners must complete extensive training and know all safety procedures.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is referred to as cleaning a business or retail space. Commercial cleaning requires more specialized equipment and chemicals than residential cleaning services, but it is less strenuous or hazardous than periodic cleaning. 

Commercial cleaning services cover a wide selection of gyms, offices, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, restaurants, commercial restrooms, hotels, and more. This cleaning ensures that people in public and commercial spaces are safe and sanitary. It requires advanced training, knowledge, and technology.

What are the Differences?

The primary distinctions between commercial and industrial cleaning are location and type of cleaning. 

Industrial cleaning entails extensive industrial facilities located further away from city centers, whereas commercial cleaning entails smaller-scale, urban businesses. Industrial cleaning is large-scale and regulatory cleaning. Commercial cleaning is more routine and involves cleaning the same areas regularly, sometimes even daily. Commercial cleaning is more standardized and often requires months of planning to execute correctly. 

Another significant difference between industrial and commercial cleaning is the use of safety procedures and hazardous conditions. Industrial cleaning requires additional safety training, specialized equipment, and dedicated safety teams. In contrast, commercial cleaning needs fewer safety precautions and standard operating procedures.

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